Classic Car Restoration

1970 Ford Mustang 2011 Sheby Cobra Jet Engine conversion

Another current work in progress.  Now this is the type of classic high performance machine you just don\'t see on the road much anymore.  A vehicle that drew attention in its youthful prime as a 1970 Ford Mustang will draw even more attention the second time around.This was a special project. We replaced the original motor with a 2011 Shelby Cobra Jet motor, Does't sound so difficult but you have many many electrical connections that must be correct to even get the motor started, then you have to connect the Shelby motor with all its sensors to work on the 1970 Mach 1. Upgrades rear end, disc brakes all around and modify engine compartment to house the Shelby montrous engine, modify wheel wells, vent them so as to get more cooling to the motor and brakes, then match everything up to the Dash.  Take two hoods and fabricate one hood with scoop to clear engine as well. Totally hand made hood.Sweet car , for sure one of very very few on the planet.