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Antique Car Insurance/Exotic Car Insurance – What to Look for in a Policy

An antique car insurance or exotic car insurance policy is indispensible when protecting your investment. When you consider the time, and often times, effort put into making your dream car a reality, it is important to consider the type and cost of an antique car insurance or exotic car insurance policy. Choosing an insurance agent and company for your antique or exotic car is similar to choosing an agent to cover your home or other vehicles. Often times, your existing agent is a good place to start. In some cases, however, it might be necessary to seek out a new company or agent. Some things to consider when seeking out an antique car insurance or exotic car insurance company:

Does the company offer antique car or exotic car coverage?

Do they accommodate modifications, added mileage, additional drivers or alternate storage options?

Are claims paid at replacement value?

Choosing an antique car insurance or exotic car insurance policy is an excellent way to protect your investment. With a little bit of time and research, you can rest assured that your policy covers this irreplaceable part of your legacy.

How Your Antique Car Insurance or Exotic Car Insurance Premiums are Determined

Purchasing an antique car or exotic car can be exciting, but buying an insurance policy can be a challenge. When selecting an insurance policy, many things should be considered. Your antique car insurance premium will be calculated based on the following areas:

Annual Mileage

Premiums are dependent upon the number of miles you plan to drive your car each year. Generally, premiums will begin rising after 5000 miles.


While modifications can make your car more valuable, they can also add dollars to your premiums or void your coverage. Many insurance companies will consider undisclosed modifications as a reason to void a policy. So whenever doing modifications to your antique car, it is imperative to disclose that information to your insurance company.

Some insurance companies may also require proof that the modification has not caused excessive risk – meaning that the modification must be fitted properly. In addition, modifications such as superchargers or turbo will increase your premiums.

Covered Drivers

Just like with any other insurance policy, your antique car insurance policy premium will be dependent upon the ages and number of covered drivers. Some factors that will adversely affect your antique car insurance premiums are drivers under age 25 and drivers with traffic violations on their record. Other drivers should also maintain their own policies and an alternate vehicle to drive. Having alternate vehicles proves that the antique car will not be used to commute to and from work on a daily basis.

Garage Storage

Garage storage is usually a must when purchasing an antique car insurance policy. It is best to take this into consideration before committing to a policy.

Agreed Valuation

Receiving a valuation from an outside appraiser, insures that your car is covered at the appropriate value should a claim arise. This can, however, increase your premiums, so it is wise to consult with your insurance agent to determine whether the cost worth the added expense.

Antique Car Insurance or Exotic Car Insurance Policies – A Safeguard Against Loss

Now that you’ve got your dream car, you want to be sure that its protected for as long as you own it. Tx Classic Cars is dedicated to providing your with the right insurance policy for your investment. As antique and exotic car experts, we get it. We understand the coverage that you need and look for policies that meet your individual circumstances. Contact TxClassicCars today to receive an antique car insurance or exotic car insurance quote.


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