Convert your car’s drum brakes to disc brakes

January 8, 2015

When converting drum brakes to disc brakes it can be a challenging process. The job requires experience under the hood and overall knowledge of how thing work. Also you will need quite a few tools. If you feel confident then go for it. Follow these simple steps and you’ll convert the vehicle, piece of cake (maybe 1/2 a cake)…

1. Getting Started

Locating the master cylinder of your car and drain approximently half the brake fluid from it. Properly dispose the used brake fluid. You will need new fluid after the swap. Loosen lugs, raise the car while blocking the alternate end and put on jack stands. Remove the tire.

2. Remove Drum

When removing the brake drum from a front-wheel drive you must remove the wheel bearing first. I recommend taking pictures.

In a rear-wheel drive you must remove the small clip from the wheels stud before proceeding.

Next, with a screwdriver turn the adjuster wheel until the drum comes off. Tap the outer edge if the drum is too tight. Once the drum is removed you can move on to the next step.

3. Remove Hardware

Remove all springs on brake shoes and remove all cables. Next remove all remaining hardware and check for excessive wear to the spindle. It would be a good idea to go ahead and replace the spindle if its worn out.

4. Install Disc Brakes

Purchase disc brake conversion kit, it will come with everything you need. Install the rotor on the spindle using the included hardware. install the brake pads in the caliper assembly and position over the rotor. Connect the brake lines. Some parking brake cables need to be replaced if it doesn’t fit the new mechanism.

5. Test the New Disc Brakes

Check all your connections for leaks. Refill your master cylinder with new brake fluid. Make sure all bolts are tight and secure. Go test drive the car and test the brakes. You may need to bleed the lines if you have too much play in the pedal.

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