Our Story

Our Automotive Restoration and Repair shop is located in Liberty Hill, Texas, just outside of Austin. We were founded in 1987 in what began as a continuation of a love and appreciation for classic automobiles. From the owner of the company down to each employee, the enjoyment of working on the classics and the muscle cars of our childhoods has been a dream come true.

This business started by collecting one car after another and then working on those cars to both maintain and restore them to their original beauty. After working on a private collecting of almost a hundred cars of every make, model and variety, it soon became apparent that our knowledge and expertise had most likely grown well beyond that of many others working in the average restoration and repair shop. And because we were working on these fine automobiles out of a labor of love, we never viewed what we were doing as merely a "job" or a place just to go to earn a paycheck.

We've learned a lot along the way. For example, while you could still find most parts for the older cars, it sometimes took many hours of research and phone calls to find where those parts were located throughout the country. And when parts couldn't be found, we had to find a way to make them ourselves.

And when it became known in the area that we excelled in restoring cars, it wasn't long until we were asked to provide other services as well. So little by little, we started expanding from minor to the most major types of repairs. After all, who better to work on a car then someone with the knowledge to build one from the ground up.

So if you have a need for car restoration work, upgrades, modifications or just simple repairs, give us a call.

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