Dick Van Hooser

Our '70 Cutlass Convertible needed a bigger radiator, 4-speed overdrive tranny and lots of smaller attention. These guys told us they could do it and then they did it. It was ready when they said it would be ready. It's Great! We're working on a list of other things we want done. We'll take it back to them when the list is ready, but we may wait till convertible season is over.

-Dick Van Hooser

Scott C & Mary T

Our TR-6 had been sitting for over 10 years with a long list of needs. Larry and Leo were very highly recommended by a neighbor so we contacted them. They got the car running and back on the road. The restoration is started, with a lot more to do, could not be happier. GCCC will be seeing more of us!

-Scott C & Mary T

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